In particular, Carolann enjoys working with youth and women. With special insight and sensitivity she addresses issues they face. The Holy Spirit uses her powerful music, authentic testimony and humorous stories to break down the walls of resistance; and lead her listeners to the throne in worship. Carolann has a deep conviction to reach the next generation hopefully before they
make decisions that bring destruction. She longs to see the never-leaving
love of God bring healing to hurting souls. Her desire is to see people
know and believe God, worship Him and to understand and fulfill His kingdom purposes for their lives.


Compelled by the parable of the talents principle, Carolann invests in the lives of other artists and through a program called "Artist in Training (A.I.T)." She is called to train and equip worshippers of the One True God. Carolann served as Youth Worship Director in 2005-06 (See recommendation by Pastor Dan Lundberg) and as Worship Director for 3 years at her home church in Osceola, Wisconsin.



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