Playing guitar from the age of seven; music has been a part of Carolann’s whole life. While she began performing at a very young age, her life would take a detour. Wounds from her childhood brought on turbulent teens & twenties. Rebellion, anger and alcohol, led to teen pregnancy and a dysfunctional marriage of two deeply hurting people. After attempted suicide, divorce and facing the challenges of single parenting, she later remarried her high school friend. With the support and encouragement of her new husband, Carolann began to uncover her gifts again.


Yet even a budding career as the lead singer in a Country-Rock band, two children and a fine husband, could not fill the emptiness that haunted Carolann. Hearing the “Good News” her heart had been hungering for, she soon received Jesus Christ as her Savior and her family followed shortly after. With contagious passion, she shares God’s unfailing love, matchless grace and rich mercy, which not only saved her, but continually redeems her past through vibrant ministry.


Years of in-depth Bible study, have laid the foundation to her vital, abiding relationship with “The Vine”. Her “folky acoustic light rock” flavored music with “real life” lyrics bears fruit with lasting impact. These melodies and her pure vocals have filled four CDs (including her newly released "Higher Ground"). They bring truth, hope and encouragement to listeners as well as live audiences of all ages in a wide range of venues including concerts, speaking at women’s retreats, youth camps, leading worship, ministering in prisons, and at churches. Her music has aired on several radio stations. (See Notables).

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