Higher Ground

Higher Ground

     Carolann Rosenthal’s newest album is an adventure! She’s

brought her own arrangements to the timeless lyrics, of some

classic hymns. Add to that, some of her own originals, all done

in a folky acoustic style.

     Soothing strings, creative piano/keys, mandolin and accordion

bring an “old world” flavor and deliver life impacting lyrics that

call the listen to go deeper with God through His word and His

Son. Both the percussion and artwork are a colorful completion

to this album. MORE INFO >>


The Gift

The Gift

     Carolann Rosenthal’s passionate desire to bring the

“Real Hope” of Jesus Christ @ Christmas comes through in

this refreshing collection of traditional carols, blended with

her own worship choruses as well as a few originals.

     Her acoustic guitar; along with rich piano, violin, mandolin

and sweet harmonies bring an “old world” flavor to her folky

acoustic style. Top it off with Djembe and percussion. You will

want to worship with this one all year! MORE INFO >>


Treasures in Heaven

Treasures in Heaven

     Carolann Rosenthal’s 2nd album focuses on relationships

with God and others. Songs co-produced and several co-written

with Carolann’s 20+ son bring a unique style of folky acoustic


     Her clear vocals and acoustic guitar rhythms blend well with

his tastefully creative instrument and vocal embellishments. The

lyrics glorify Jesus Christ, bring hope, healing and encouragement

to the listener. The artwork is a mosaic of their family and

experiences in missions. MORE INFO >>


My Desire

My Desire

     Carolann Rosenthal’s debut album is acoustic light rock in

style. She combines rich vocals, acoustic guitar with lively,

creative piano / keys, drums, bass, embellishments.

     Her lyrics comfort the hurting, encourage the downcast, and

call wayward hearts back to the waiting arms of our Heavenly

Father. MORE INFO >>

Copyright © 2011 Carolann Rosenthal

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